Group lessons

Group lessons, weightlifting, gymnastics and mobility are led by trainer for 60 minutes. He explains the training and help you improve technique.

Open Gym

Anytime we are open you are welcome to come and train without trainer. Stay as long as you need and concentrate on your training. Or we can write it for you if you wish, just contact us.

Course for beginners

We will learn you movements used on group lessons from scratch. We will prepare your body for intensity on lessons and help with your mobility. Here is where your journey starts.

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Time table

>>> Reservation system Valid from 28.1.2019

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We have contract with Multisport

All lessons including Beginners course can be paid by Multisport, Activepass or Benefit Plus.

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Don’t know how to start?

We are going to open new OnRamp course for beginners. Let us know when is the right time for you 😉

Don't sit home and come to work out with experiences crossfiters ;)


Ideal place, ideal space, ideal for weightlifting and CF. 100% attitude to clients.


New and almost family-like fitness.